Two New Jersey Men in Hospital after Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a frightening experience. Crashes are unexpected and can happen in an instant. In the wake of an accident, the damages to both person and property can be extremely devastating.

Two men were injured in a car accident earlier today in New Jersey. Both men were quickly brought to a local hospital for their non-life threatening injuries. However,  the extent of their injuries was not detailed in the article.

The crash involved a police officer. He had been on his way to a different scene to assist a fellow officer. His vehicle was traveling through an intersection when another car struck the police officer’s vehicle on the passenger’s side. The impact caused the police car to spin and strike the other car.

The other car caught on fire; the officer immediately called for emergency responders, including the fire department. The officer then assisted the man in the other vehicle until responders arrived; at that time both men were taken to the hospital.

An investigation is still ongoing as the police department determines what caused the crash. Questions surround both the driver of the vehicle as well as the police officer. Were there alcohol or drugs involved? Was the driver impaired at the time? Did the police officer have his siren and lights on when he crossed the intersection?

Hopefully, there will be answers at the conclusion of the investigation. But in the event of a car accident, one question is always “how did it happen?”, especially if the crash caused serious injury or death. The best thing to do in this situation is to call a qualified car accident injury lawyer to protect yourself and best suit your needs. Contact the best Davie car accident injury attorney for an honest and professional opinion.