Georgia Boat Accident Kills 10-year-old Boy

A 10-year-old boy died after a boat accident on Lake Lanier in Dawson County on Wednesday, July 6. The young boy was on vacation from Virginia with family and friends when the accident occurred.

Witnesses and law enforcement officers report that the child only had a minor bump on the forehead when witnesses hauled the young boy out of the water and onto the dock. It appears that the boy and his older brother were on the lake when the older brother ran the younger brother over by his Jet Skis. Witnesses believe that the younger child may have fallen from his Jet Ski.

The child was drifting in and out of consciousness as he was transported to Scottish Rite Hospital where he died. The hospital called his fatal injury “blood loss from internal injuries.”

Boat accidents, similar to other motor vehicle accidents, can cause significant, even fatal, personal injury such as bone injuries, brain injuries, spine injuries and burn injuries. In this case, it appears that the boy may have suffered a serious head or brain injury in the collision with the other watercraft.

This boat accident is still under investigation. This tragedy serves as a reminder to all in Georgia to exercise extreme caution when operating all motor vehicles, even boats and Jet Skis. If you or a loved one is injured in an unfortunate accident, don’t hesitate to speak to the top personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale.

Protecting your Charges Underage DUI License Suspension Hearing

Driver’s License Penalties

If your juvenile comes with an education permit or advanced driver’s permit (permit standing for motorists underneath the era of 18), an arrest or confidence for Small DUI might influence their capability to get yourself a regular permit later on. An arrest may also result in a suspension of driving rights along with a dependence on SR-22 insurance (high-risk car insurance). A confidence can lead to jail-time, probation, in addition to further charges, like the denial-of an advanced permit and limitations on existing driving privileges.

If your juvenile is charged of particular medication and liquor crimes whilst having an education permit (whether or not the offense was determined while driving), that individual is likely to be not able to be eligible for a driver’s permit till he/she has already reached age 18. Advanced permit holders convicted of Tacoma DUI encounter a permit suspension that amounts from 3 months to 2 decades, based on their legal background, in addition to extra limitations.

Reinstate License

1: Get Started Doing Online Application Help
Software help providers may simplify the procedure for all DOL associated solutions to get a charge, including: reviving your license, trying to get a license, joining an automobile, changing your license, altering much more and your target. Additional advantages include a regular journal along with a continuing regular publication addressing essential improvements that impact essential security guidelines, motorists, developments, legal improvements and methods to conserve money on automobile-related solutions.

2: By email
Some motorists would rather manage the restoration procedure by email, in the place of benefiting from help services, visiting with the DOL personally, or via services that are accessible. Support by email can be obtained with restrictions. Study below for specifics that are extra or visit with the local DOL.

3: Using A DOL office
In case your particular requirements need an in person visit, many, or even all, driver permit providers could be managed at the local DOL office. Different which means you will have to examine before your trip to make certain the DOL best for you DOL practices occasionally provide various kinds of providers offers the support you need. Additionally, if your DOL enables you to create a private visit you are able to contact to determine.

These charges can be extremely expensive. If you find yourself in the face of crippling debt, it might be time to contact a Monroe bankruptcy attorney.

Oregon Teen Driving

We’re continuing our discussion of graduated licensing and the surprising results of a recent study. In Oregon, teens can get a driver’s license at age 16, but it is a restricted license. The restrictions are meant to cut down on distractions — and accidents — as the teen matures and gets more experience behind the wheel.
A recent study, reviewed in our Sept. 22 post, shows that the graduated licensing approach is saving lives of 16- and 17-year-olds. It also shows that the decline in that age group is almost matched by the increase in fatalities among 18- and 19-year-olds. States with stricter programs actually logged higher fatalities of 18- and 19-year-olds than states with less restrictive programs.
These are just numbers, though — they don’t offer any reasons. When compared with other data, though, some possible explanations present themselves.
For example, in California, where the researchers were based, the graduated licensing program is particularly strong. According to the department of motor vehicles, 23 percent of 16-year-olds got their driver’s licenses. In 2007, the number had fallen to just 14 percent.
The logical conclusion: Kids are waiting longer before getting their licenses. The inexperience factor is still present.
A different study, though, had different results. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that strong programs translated into lower fatalities among 15- to 17-year-olds than weak programs, but the rate for 18- and 19-year-old drivers was the same for both programs.
Either way, more research is likely. Teens and young adults may demand it, if legislators listen to some of the researchers.
In one state, the restrictions apply to anyone under age 21 applying for a license. Why not introduce that in more states, or expand the restricted driving licenses to the older teens?
The challenge is that the older teens are legal adults. Imposing such restrictions on them could be more than an inconvenience — it could disqualify them from certain jobs but prevent them from needing a criminal attorney for juveniles.
More research, perhaps, before more rules, said one researcher.

Our Law Firm Handles Multiple Areas of Law

Child support is something that affects many people in Colorado. Unfortunately, some people fail to make their payments for various reasons. Supreme Court members are now facing a decision about whether parents who are too poor to pay child support should be entitled to a court-appointed attorney.

This argument comes on the heels of a case in which a man was held in civil contempt multiple times and eventually jailed for failing to pay child support. The man said he could not afford to make the payments and believes a lawyer may have been able to convince the judge that he should not be jailed because of it. His current lawyer says that anyone facing jail time or the loss of freedom should be provided an attorney.

Holding someone in civil contempt is meant to be a persuasive technique that encourages people to pay up and avoid jail time. Federal law does not currently extend the right to a lawyer to those involved in civil contempt cases. Those involved in criminal proceedings, however, are appointed a lawyer.

The majority of states have already made the right to a lawyer in cases of civil contempt a law, but the Supreme Court justices have expressed some concern over allowing the national legislation to reach that far. One justice stated that a ruling like this one would affect thousands of domestic relations cases across the country.

A lawyer involved in the previously discussed case suggests that appointing lawyers to everyone in need would hurt the effectiveness of child support cases, which are currently relatively informal. He also expressed concern that such a law might deter people seeking compensation for unpaid child support from taking any legal action.

According to a personal injury law firm, the justices are being urged by the federal government to make a decision that falls somewhere in the middle. It suggested in a recent brief that appointing an attorney is not always necessary in these civil contempt cases, saying that creating a way for a person to prove his or her financial means may be beneficial. It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court decides.

Insurance and Personal Injury

Some say that drivers should be able to choose the coverage that they want. They say that more drivers could afford to purchase insurance if they can choose the price that they can afford. Critics say this insurance doesn’t protect an injured victim when they suffer injuries in a crash.

Ir remains to be seen how Greenbelt plans to tackle its auto insurance crisis. Some call for more dedicated fraud investigators. Others call for watchdogs to make sure that doctors don’t help insurance companies deny valid claims with biased medical exams. They say that doctors make a lot of money rubber stamping examinations for insurance companies. They think that Greenbelt needs more state investigators to make sure that consumers get fair payments after they pay big bucks for an insurance policy.

Another related problem for consumers is credit-based insurance pricing. That is, a person with a higher credit score pays less for insurance than a person with a lower credit score. The insurance companies defend the practice, but critics say that it’s unfair to consumers who don’t have a choice but to purchase the insurance even if their credit score isn’t great. A Greenbelt personal injury law firm is qualified for these types of cases.

1 Man Killed, Child and Adult Injured in Louisiana Car Accident

Louisiana State Police Troop D had already responded to 22 fatal car accidents this year. Last weekend, they responded to one more.

On Friday afternoon, a 2008 Chrysler Sebring flipped over on I-10 in Louisiana. Neither the driver, passenger nor child in the car was properly restrained. They were all ejected from the car in the car accident, and the passenger did not survive.

It is clear that drivers on the road have a right to expect other drivers to avoid crashing into them. So it is often easy to see how a personal injury lawsuit could stem from a car accident involving multiple vehicles. However, in this situation, the single-car rollover accident could also have legal implications.

Passengers in cars have a right to expect the drivers of those vehicles to keep them safe. It is not clear yet what caused the vehicle to roll over on I-10 last weekend, but investigators have requested a toxicology sample from the driver.

The adult passenger in the car was killed in this accident. He was not the only victim of the crash. A three-year-old child was also seriously injured and taken to a Lake Charles hospital. The child was not properly restrained in a car seat, which is why the child was ejected from the car during the crash. It is astounding that this child was not also killed. For more information on criminal and personal injury law, visit

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month

This month is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, and the effort is being sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our lawyers here at Rizk Law. Every year in the United States over 13,000 people die from car accidents that involve a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That is 36 people who die every day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s campaign is asking that citizens consider what they and their communities can do to prevent and lessen the amount of injuries and deaths caused by impaired drivers.

At some point in their lives, around three out of 10 drivers in the United States will be involved in a car crash that was caused by alcohol use. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost one-third of traffic related deaths in 2006 were caused by alcohol impaired drivers and nearly 13,500 people that year lost their lives to drunken driving. The problem is further demonstrated by the arrests of 1.4 million drivers who drove under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. That arrest number comes from just one year but makes up for only one percent of the 159 million people in the United States that admit to driving under the influence every year.

In order to reduce the amount of impaired driving and the amount of car accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made some suggestions. The Administration reminds drivers and their passengers to plan ahead and to designate a sober driver before celebrating begins. Hosts should also play their role by ensuring that all guests leave with a sober driver. Finally, as the saying goes, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” so take away keys if someone wants to drive impaired.



Government Contracts

Our lawyers assist clients who work on government contracts, in such activities as meeting their affirmative-action obligations enforced by the Office of Federal Contracting Compliance Programs. We represent government contractors in all legal forums, at all stages of legal proceedings, including litigation of contract-performance disputes, contract-award controversies, and civil and criminal False Claims Act investigations. Organizations that want to obtain government contracts must comply with a variety of regulations regarding the diversity of their workforce, subcontractors, and vendors.

Businesses, including those new to the government contract award processes, may be unfamiliar with these requirements. Sonnenschein’s Government Contracts Practice Group represents clients participating in all facets of government contracting.


Our New Jersey corporate attorneys act as general counsel to major clients in such industries as the broadcasting, manufacturing, technology, e-commerce, food processing, health care, and trade association industries. From strategic board-level decisions to day-to-day operations, our lawyers are the primary legal advisors assisting management in evaluating issues and formulating response strategies. Our attorneys play a significant role in corporate structuring, financing, day-to-day business activities, and other major transactions. They also have extensive experience developing diversity-related partnerships and joint ventures, in addition to corporate minority-supplier development programs.


Our firm is experienced in meeting the legal needs of many of the world’s largest, best-known businesses, as well as of new startups, governments, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.Our competencies in the international arena include crafting transaction policies, representing foreign governments and foreign industry councils, promoting trade and economic development, and attending to international regulatory disputes. Due to our firm’s extensive international acumen, we bring to our clients a worldview as diverse as the global marketplace.

Can brake overrides help prevent car accidents in Wisconsin?

The recent Toyota and Lexus recalls brought attention to Ohio serious car accidents caused by unintended acceleration. In those cases, many car owners reported that their gas pedal became stuck or that the breaks would not respond to pressure, leading to a collision. Some of the cars involved in these accidents did not have a brake-throttle override system, which causes the breaks to work in the event that both the brakes and the accelerator are pushed at the same time.

Federal regulators are now suggesting that the override system be a part of the required safety features in all car models. Most cars already have the feature, but regulators say that making it universal will help ensure that these types of accidents happen less frequently or not at all.

One interesting aspect to this requirement is an admission by regulators that many of these car accidents were in fact due to driver error, rather than a malfunction in the car itself. In Wisconsin, people who are injured by another driver’s error may be able to recover for the costs associated with the car accident.

The widespread problem with unintended acceleration led to extensive investigation and the government believes that including the brake-throttle override will reduce car crashes.

Some of the car accidents that resulted from unintended acceleration were caused by a gas pedal that was stuck in place or caught on the floor mat. Since the override system allows the breaks to work even in that circumstance, it could help prevent these accidents entirely.


Surgery can be a scary prospect. Whether you are scheduled for minor skin cancer surgery or a triple bypass on your heart, allowing yourself to go under the knife can produce understandable anxiety.

One fact that may help calm your nerves is that if you schedule your surgery in the morning, you will be at a lower risk for surgical errors than you would be if you scheduled your surgery for the afternoon, according to Duke University researchers.

There are two fundamental reasons why afternoon surgical patients are at a higher risk for surgical errors. The first is that mid-afternoon is when most surgical teams experience a shift change. As a result, your team could even change mid-surgery. Most shifts in surgical wards begin at 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. When factoring in a standard work day with a standard lunch break, mid to late afternoon surgeries are often affected by this shift.

In addition, a biological factor plays into patient safety during afternoon surgery. Between roughly 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. the human body experiences a natural dip in circadian rhythms. These rhythms affect our brain wave activity as well as our alertness. For many people, this dip results in a normal feeling of sleepiness. This circadian dip does not benefit patients being treated by sleepy doctors.

Duke researchers determined that patients are most at risk when they schedule surgeries to begin between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. However, the safest bet may be to schedule your surgery on a day when it can be performed first thing in the morning.