Millionaire Divorce Case: Allegations of Abuse, Hiding Assets

Florida divorce lawyers are watching the case of a Sewall’s Point couple who married in 2002 and are now getting divorced, but not peacefully and not inexpensively. There are about $50 million worth of assets between them.

William Lasky, 62, is chairman of the board, president and CEO of Accuride Corporation, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle components. Karen Lasky, 54, filed for divorce in September.

No prenuptial agreement exists, and the Florida divorce attorneys for both parties are contesting which assets are marital property, subject to equal distribution under Florida family law.

Both Laskys want exclusive use of their $6 million home. They each have at least eight vehicles, but they both want a 2008 Bentley Continental GT. Value: $150,000.

Both parties have claimed that the other party physically abused them. A domestic violence injunction against Mr. Lasky was dismissed when, in court, Mrs. Lasky backed off from her claim of abuse.

Mr. Lasky has said that “Many times she has physically abused me,” when she is intoxicated.

Mrs. Lasky is receiving $10,000 a month in temporary support. She claims monthly expenses of $58,000. He claims monthly expenses of $98,000.

Mrs. Lasky claims that Mr. Lasky was only worth $5 million when they married. He says he was already worth $25 million. Either way, his attorney claims that it was a “43-year career and a seven-year marriage.” Her attorney says that she needs a $500,000 advance on the final settlement; for legal fees. If you need legal assistance, don’t hesitate to speak to the most qualified Orlando injunction violation attorney out there.