Insurance and Personal Injury

Some say that drivers should be able to choose the coverage that they want. They say that more drivers could afford to purchase insurance if they can choose the price that they can afford. Critics say this insurance doesn’t protect an injured victim when they suffer injuries in a crash.

Ir remains to be seen how Greenbelt plans to tackle its auto insurance crisis. Some call for more dedicated fraud investigators. Others call for watchdogs to make sure that doctors don’t help insurance companies deny valid claims with biased medical exams. They say that doctors make a lot of money rubber stamping examinations for insurance companies. They think that Greenbelt needs more state investigators to make sure that consumers get fair payments after they pay big bucks for an insurance policy.

Another related problem for consumers is credit-based insurance pricing. That is, a person with a higher credit score pays less for insurance than a person with a lower credit score. The insurance companies defend the practice, but critics say that it’s unfair to consumers who don’t have a choice but to purchase the insurance even if their credit score isn’t great. A Greenbelt personal injury law firm┬áis qualified for these types of cases.