Glen Burnie Sex Offender Wants Real Estate License Reinstated


A Baltimore-area real estate agent lost his professional license a year after he pleaded guilty to¬†sex crimes. The convicted sex offender is asking a state appellate court to decide whether the Real Estate Commission’s choice to revoke his license in 2008 is unfair.

The licensing board stated that the agent’s conviction on sexual criminal charges undermined his “trustworthiness.” Two courts have backed the license revocation decision.

The real estate agent served one year’s jail time for the alleged sex offenses against young family members. He complied with court orders to register with the state as a sex offender.

The agent’s case will not be affected by a 2009 state law that promotes the employment of nonviolent sex offenders. The sexual assault charges against the real estate professional were considered violent, and the law did not take effect until after his conviction and license revocation.

The agent’s attorney argued before the court that her client’s trustworthiness on the job was not related to the crimes. Three counselors declared the agent to be no threat. The Real Estate Commission countered that it is obligated to protect consumers, even if a license holder’s actions are not “professional violations.”

One judge noted that none of the alleged sex crimes committed by the real estate agent occurred while he was working. The judge felt that the real estate agent would not have the opportunity to be alone with a child in the course of his job. Until the court makes a final decision, the Glen Burnie man is acting as a sales agent from his home.

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