Can brake overrides help prevent car accidents in Wisconsin?

The recent Toyota and Lexus recalls brought attention to Ohio serious car accidents caused by unintended acceleration. In those cases, many car owners reported that their gas pedal became stuck or that the breaks would not respond to pressure, leading to a collision. Some of the cars involved in these accidents did not have a brake-throttle override system, which causes the breaks to work in the event that both the brakes and the accelerator are pushed at the same time.

Federal regulators are now suggesting that the override system be a part of the required safety features in all car models. Most cars already have the feature, but regulators say that making it universal will help ensure that these types of accidents happen less frequently or not at all.

One interesting aspect to this requirement is an admission by regulators that many of these car accidents were in fact due to driver error, rather than a malfunction in the car itself. In Wisconsin, people who are injured by another driver’s error may be able to recover for the costs associated with the car accident.

The widespread problem with unintended acceleration led to extensive investigation and the government believes that including the brake-throttle override will reduce car crashes.

Some of the car accidents that resulted from unintended acceleration were caused by a gas pedal that was stuck in place or caught on the floor mat. Since the override system allows the breaks to work even in that circumstance, it could help prevent these accidents entirely.